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This is part 1 of Curly-Q trying to beat the final boss of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. People with us in this video are Onee-chan again, myself and Ruin, offering backseat commentary to Curly-Q’s playing. She was really upset because the fight with Ganondorf was near impossible for her, so she thought it was unfair to fight Ganon. There are several parts to this video, which I will be posting soon for anyone who wants to watch! Again, this was taken on my phone so the quality is pretty bad. I’m looking at getting a good videocam and tripod to record better footage. 

So meet Curly-Q, again. This time, not as my curly haired roomate, but as my roomate that has never played a video game beyond Sims before (a few minutes of Skyrim too…). Anyways, I told her that if she beat Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora’s Mask before the release of Sims 4 I would preorder it for her. As it stands, we have $15 prepaid of it now for the deluxe version. This is her attempting to beat Bongo Bongo, the third to last boss she had to beat before she finished the game. Onee-chan (the voice other than me) and myself are both backseat gaming. The quality is from my phone, so sorry, and it shakes a lot because I’m trying really hard not to laugh. :D enjoy! I want to post more videos of “My Roomate Plays…”

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So today I thought for the first time in a while about what my life was like several years ago when I was in a deep depression and was considering suicide…pretty much depressing stuff. So I popped open my music player and listened to this beautiful piece of work and it brought a smile to my face despite it all. Remember: you can put the past away. 

Phones, Video Games, Videos, and More!

So I know that I have been promising a few people some videos of my beautiful roomate (Curly-Q) playing Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I’m having some trouble uploading it straight from my phone because they are a little dense, so I’ll be editing them a bit to cut out boring scenes. I’ll also be taking out anytime that I say her name because I want to keep her name free from my blog as a courtesy. So if anyone knows her in real life, please don’t comment with her name and keep the same courtesy. Thanks! 

Just A Little Something

So I recently started posting my written works on Wattpad, and I figured that it would be cool to see how many views I could get on my “story” called Compilation. Basically it’s just a compilation of different short stories, all roughly an 8x10 page long. So for anyone who wants to take a look, enjoy, but no pressure. They’re all quick reads that *should* take less than 5 minutes. However I won’t guarantee that because I know “everyone is different”.

Edit: The link is now on the side, along with my Instagram. 

This is my beautiful roommate, Curly-Q, who struggles with her crazy curly hair. Tonight I had her shower and then brush her hair (an unheard of thing because it makes her look like a lion). I used a blowdryer to dry her hair, put in some heat treatment (Diamond Drops by Brilliance New York), and straightened her hair with a straightener from Brilliance New York. There’s the three “before” pictures, the middle picture is me halfway done with her hair, and finally the end result pictures!

Amazing food at The Coffee Cup, featured on Guy’s Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives.

Amazing food at The Coffee Cup, featured on Guy’s Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives.

How Long?

So it’s been a few years since I last got on tumblr, and I think I could actually give this a realistic shot. To update you more about me,because it has been a while, I am now 20 years old with my first smartphone! I live in the heated Arizona desert, but I plan to be moving soon within the next few years. As always, I like to think about random things and post pictures of things that I find interesting. This is my blog after all. So hello to tumblr people, and I hope you can find at least a marginal amount of entertainment from my grey matter. 😁

Love and Hatred

They say that the people we hate are actually the people that we love. Because we hate them so much, we actually show that we have feelings of some sort for them still. So if I’m feeling a deep disappointment in the person you’ve become, does that mean that I still have feelings for you? 

Show me how to love the unloveable. Tell me how to reach the unreachable. Help me to do the impossible.